Women’s Strength Training Tips

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Women’s Strength Training Tips

Women and Strength Training

In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, we’ve asked two of our researchers from the Cybex Research Institute (CRI) to share a few words of fitness advice for women. Cory and Ben weigh in:

Cory Hofmann, Cybex Research Manager, Cybex Research Institute, gives his top tips for women and strength training.

“Don’t be afraid of becoming too ‘bulky’.  Women have less testosterone than men, and therefore will not see gains in muscle mass at nearly the rate men will.  In addition, strength training has been shown to decrease risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia (the loss of muscle mass due to aging).  A balanced workout plan should include aspects of both cardiovascular and strength training, and of course adequate rest when needed.”

Ben Wilde, Cybex International Training Director, gives advice to women on strength training and building muscle.